When you purchase a car, another large investment, you perform preventive maintenance to have it
continue to run smoothly. Your roof deserves the same. A roof tune up is not exactly a roof repair.

A roof tune up addresses any areas of concern before they become a concern. A roof repair is repairing
an area that is causing problems and will more than likely cost more as well.

Residential roofs should withstand all weather conditions. But sometimes nature can throw a curve ball
and we can experience a very fierce storm. Most damage on roofs comes from these extreme weather
conditions and with a roof tune up, you can help prevent these things from happening.

A certified and capable roofer will walk and inspect your roof to locate any areas where a leak may
develop. During a tune up, your vents, chimneys and skylights will be waterproofed. These are usually
the first areas to leak. Gutters will be checked to make sure that everything flows properly and are not

Roof debris such as leaves, and twigs will be removed as they will cause your shingles to deteriorate
prematurely. They will replace any missing shingles. They will look for cracked shingles as well and
replace cracked shingles as these will cause leaks eventually.

During the tune-up you are also receiving and inspection of your roof. The roofer provides a more
intensive inspection focused on the entire roofing system, not just a specific area. They locate minor
issues with minimal cost before they become major issues with extensive costs.

Having a roof tune up should be completed after a major storm with hail and wind and every 3-5 years.
Your roof is the first line of defense from weather conditions, you should give it the maintenance and
attention as you would with your vehicle and home mechanicals.