Above Average Roofing Company

Hated More Than a Trip to the Dentist

Yes it is true, more people would rather get a tooth pulled or give a public speech then deal with a salesman. Not that anyone can blame the general public for this deep seated resentment, as everyone has at least once in their life been accosted by one of these aggressive types. Does this perception hinder us from making the best decision sometimes? Absolutely. Because we are so guarded, we end up pushing honest and genuine consultants away out

The Price We Pay For Being So Guarded

Because we put up these walls, so that no one could ever take advantage of us, we end up operating at a much baser level then usual. This means are higher thought processes are muted and we end up victims of our fight or flights instincts. Typically, this causes us to react more emotionally which is completely counterproductive to our intended goals. It will always cause us to miss vital information, such as distinctive differences between roofing contractors and the products that they offer.

The Difference is Hard Enough to Determine Itself

Roofing is almost a commodity, any contractor can quite literally purchase the exact same materials as everyone else. That makes it difficult to stand out as a contractor and to choose an above average roofing company from the rest. This makes it all the more important to relax, take your time doing your homework, and honestly listen to what the salesman has to say. There are a lot of knowledgeable and honest contractors out there, the problem is that a lot of them are just not very good at sales. Therefore, they don’t make a good living and end up just going back to installing shingles or managing crews. That leaves a certain breed to dominate the open market, and as we all  unfortunately know, sometimes all it takes to be successful in business is the complete disregard for other peoples feelings. Use the following list as mere points on which to devise a good strategy before you make a decision who to hire:

  1. Price, Price Price: You might as well start with the most important part for most people. If the price is extreme, either much higher or lower, then all the other estimates you have collected then just forget about it all together.
  2. Materials: At the minimum, find out the type of shingle that they recommend, the underlayment used, and the amount of ice guard installed.
  3. Reputation: Look at their online presence and read some of their reviews. Keep in mind that if you do enough business there are bound to be complaints. It is more important how they are handled.
  4. Insurance: Just because they have a policy does not mean it is worth anything. Workers comp and liability are a must, but call the insurance to make sure it is actually valid as well.
  5. Time: Ask how long the project will take to complete and how long it is going to take to get started.