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What signs you should look for in deciding when your siding on your home should be replaced

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Tips and Tricks

Your siding on your home in an important part of your home. It gives your home a curb appeal as well as protects you from the elements of the weather. It also insulates your home from heat and cold, debris and also pesky pests.

When your siding starts to fade, crack or show other signs that will be mentioned, it is time to contact your local siding contractor and have it evaluated and have a quote for replacement.

Here are 7 signs to look out for when looking at your siding:

  1. Rotting, cracked or warped siding. These are obvious signs that your siding is beyond repair. Take a walk around your home and give it a visual inspection. If you notice small cracks, it could be a larger problem than you may think. Start poking around that crack. Is the material behind that crack still solid or does it have some play and feel spongy? If it is solid, you have caught in time and there could be minimal damage to your home. A repair to that area could be all you need. If there is some play or feels spongy, there is some rotting and you will need to contact a siding professional to have a further look at the area.
  2. Bubbling or Blisters. If you happen to notice any Blisters or bubbling, STOP. This is a huge sign that water has been trapped within the siding and you do in fact have a problem with moisture. Being that siding is to protect your home from the elements which includes moisture this is a sign that it no longer is serving its purpose and it is time to contact your siding contractor.
  3. Mildew, mold or fungus on your siding. If you happen to notice mold, mildew and or fungus on your siding, especially near any seams also is a sign that moisture is possibly entering your siding. Now, not all fungus is a cause for panic, you should still investigate the area.
  4. Fading siding. When you notice that siding is starting to lose its color and is fading, it is a sign that the weatherproofing is close to its lifespan. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your siding is needing to be replaced at that very moment, it’s a sign that you should start budgeting for replacement soon.
  5. Frequent painting. When you paint your home, usually you can get 8-10 years before you would need to paint again. If you notice that you are needing to paint more frequently, it is not the paint necessarily but you could have a problem with the siding underneath. Chipping or peeling paint is a very good sign that it is time to consider replacing your siding.
  6. Higher energy costs. Have you noticed that your energy bills have increased? You have ruled out any air leaks in your attic, sufficient insulation and drafty windows. Have you thought it could be your siding? The siding’s main job is to help you insulate your home from heat and cold. When you have old damaged siding it isn’t insulating well and this is a sign that you will need to contact your local siding contractor.
  7. Peeling paint inside your home on exterior walls. So you noticed paint peeling in your home or even wallpaper starting to loosen. Your siding could be letting in unwanted moisture and it is entering your home. This could cause significant damage and costly repairs within your home as well.

Doing a preventive maintenance check on your siding after any kind of weather event and also once a year can help you prevent any larger repairs in the future, and help you prepare for the time when you need to consider replacing your siding.