Michigan Roofing

It is funny when you look around at all the top rated roofing companies in Michigan and then the awards that they have received. Everyone is familiar with Angie’s List Super Service Award and it is a great accommodation that requires a contractor to put customer service first. But then there is just everything else that you can imagine out there from some mythical Master’s level in shingle installation to Green Certified specialists. Training is very important and in no way are we advocating that it should not be a priority. But if we are all honest with ourselves these awards are handed out like participation trophies in elementary school soccer, everyone gets on whether they win or lose. Many of these awards and certification’s require the roofer to make a substantial payment to the provider, another questionable aspect to the system in itself. Now that the BBB barely attracts any attention anymore, it leaves customers wondering where to turn for an honest opinion of who is the best contractor to hire in their local market. 

It is amazing what we are capable of achieving in modern times be utilizing the power of the “crowd”. They are writing some of the most complex algorithms ever invented and closing in on actual artificial intelligence. If you want a new logo made for your company, go ahead and upload the basic concept to a crowd sourced site and have people from all over the world compete for your business. Since so many large companies are now actively relying on this resource, you can do the same thing yourself when looking to get that next home improvement project done without spending a ton of money. Simply set aside a good hour and pick out 3-10 local companies using Google Maps or even a baseline review site. Individually search each companies name and compile a report of the information that you find. How many good reviews do they have in general, not just on one specific site? Are there any other honorable mentions such as community work that they have donated? Be as thorough as possible, which means go through at least 2-3 pages of search results. From here you should get a real good idea if the contractor is reputable in general or just according to one specific site. If the latter is the case, it makes you wonder what the real relationship is there.