The birds are chirping, the weather is starting to warm up and you are making your home improvement list for the season. One of the home improvements you may have on your list is a roof replacement. These 3 reasons may apply to you, and if they do, it might be time to plan for replacing your roof.

1- You are looking to upgrade your roof. Your roof may be showing some wear and tear from years of service and from the recent harsh winter conditions. When you choose to replace your roofing system, it not only gives your home a great curb appeal, but will also provide you with a wide range of options that were not necessarily available when the roof was originally installed.

2- Thinking about selling your home in the near future. Replacing your roof is a pretty strong strategy in selling your home. It increases the chances of it being bought as well as attracting home buyers. Having a new roof will also help in making sure you are getting the best offer for your home as the roof is new and it looks great!

3- Damage to your roof. Age and harsh weather conditions can cause quite the havoc on your roof. When you notice these 2 factors you should consider replacing your roof. Acquiring a roof inspection from American Standard Roofing will help determine if you are in need of just repairs or if in fact it is time to replace your roof due to age. Having this inspection will address the problems before they become a much larger problem that can affect your entire home.