While shopping for new roofs and selecting a contractor, always make sure you are making sure the roofing company has the minimum qualifications and also requirements such as state license, workers and liability insurance before you sign the contract.

The roofers insurance will protect you from any legal issues in the worst case scenario if a worker were to be injured on your property. The liability insurance will protect you from any mistakes made by the roofers.

When you meet up with your contractor, ask for a copy of their insurance. You can call and validate the certificate after they leave or while they are there. The limits on your standard liability range from $1 million and $5 million.

While searching for your contractor, some of the basic qualifications you should check out are:

  • Check for any reviews online for the contractor. You can find reviews on Google, BBB and neighborhood websites. While looking at the reviews, look and see if the contractor replied back to the reviews. It is important to focus on the responses from the contractor when it comes to complaints. Did they address it in the review in a timely fashion and was the response professional.
  • When calling roofing contractors, ask where they are located. Contractors that are located in your area are familiar with the building codes and the climates. This allows them to make better recommendations.
  • Always ask how long they have been in business. The number of years they have been in business is usually a good sign and gives you an idea of their expertise.