The little girl knew more than her pop
“This leaking roof – it has to stop!”
So, she went to the house phone
One day, when she was alone
And got a great quote from a roof repair shop

Then she played and had fun
As a girl ought to do
She even ate lunch
And a snack or two

Then she went to the window
Her daddy to watch
For he sometimes came home
At 6 or 7 o’clock

She was anxious to tell him
The deed she had done
She would later explain
How she also had fun

Putting buckets and pails
Where the rain was coming in
Then running around them
Again and again

Yes, she weaved through the maze
They created through their home
She did all of this
One day, when she was alone

Not only did she do this
She did it with great zeal
She had called all her friends
And talked their ears off, for real

Then this very same girl
Had looked up to the ceiling
Because while she played
She just had this funny feeling

And sure enough, as the moon follows sun
There were creatures on the roof
Watching all that she’d done
There were squirrels and raccoons
There was even a mouse
They watched her because
You could see into the house

This was because of the holes in the top
That is why she arose that day wanting it to stop
She was one weary girl of pails, buckets and mops
So her daddy approved and he called the roofing service shop

Well, I have to tell you
This tale has a great end
It may be 15 years before they need these services again