Man in biohazard suit holding clock in front of face standing against white background.

Ambition Is a Great Thing

We all admire driven people, they are literally the ones that built this country from nothing. Everyday that we wake up we want to be able to say that we feel inspired and are going to change the world just a little bit today. However, this optimism is often short lived as life has a way of piling on multiple problems all at once. They say that it comes in waves, or that when it rains it pours, and nothing could be more true. The true test of a persons character is in how they deal with the stress and added work load when times get tough.

There is No Crying in Construction

Mental anguish is one thing, but in the construction industry when things go wrong there are serious consequences. It is one of the most dangerous vocations in the entire world, and every day that laborers work towards completing a project they are putting their lives on the line. From roofers to plumbers, there is no skilled trade that is not in some way or another dangerous. The crazy thing is that it is also one of the most satisfying jobs. These people really love what they do and get a sense of accomplishment from getting to see the results of their hard work in real time. Because of this passion, and often times ridiculous deadlines, many in the trades are prone to overworking. This is when the situation gets exponentially more dangerous.

As Bad as a Sleepy Trucker

Driving down the free way imagining that the semi truck driver passing you has been up for 4 straight days is not a good feeling. Just a slight distraction, or a quick nodding out, can cause the loss of life in a blink of an eye. Even if you aren’t operating heavy machinery on a job site, being overworked or tired is just as dangerous. There are countless examples of how you can hurt yourself by not paying attention or from simple, clumsy mistakes. Beyond that, there are other people on the job site that depend on you. Dropping something off the roof, or bumping a ladder, can destroy your coworkers life instantly. Every week we here about another roofer that is permanently crippled because of similar incidents.

These Are Just The Physical Dangers

Beyond the possibility that someone will get seriously injured. other mistakes are going to cost the homeowner big time in the future. When we are tired, we tend to rush through the job and overlook the detailed work. It is so often the details that are the most important part, not just for aesthetics but also for proper functioning. Flashing that is not properly placed can cause the potential for all sorts of hard to locate leaks, and this is one area that may be very difficult to service and replace depending on the roof pitch. The last thing you want is a roofer that is overworked, or with a hangover, to just forget about it because it was tough to get to.

The Balancing Act

It is much better to put a job off for a day or two if you suspect that your crew needs a break rather then making them push through it. The customer may be upset at first, but it is much better then having them hate you for life because their roof wont stop leaking. Yet, on the other hand, you can not let your installers take advantage of you by pretending they are tired when they are just being  lazy. A firm, yet understanding, approach is needed, and you must be able to seriously self reflect to make sure that you are as clear headed as possible about what is going on. That means do not let your ego get in the way. Pushing everyone to the limit just to save face will eventually cause you to fall right on your face.