The city held a contest, a competition you see

In it there were many people who were filled with glee

“Who, oh who, oh who will it be?

The best roofer – in this marvelous city?”


The answer was of quite an interesting sort

For there were many with websites that had colors and more

Some had customer service reps, whose voices had been professionally prepped

A few had dancers, who twirled and spun

There were even some who gave away gum


But amongst the whole lot was a stand-out group

They were not very fancy, loud or all blinged

For they knew well a very significant thing


And they showed their skill in demos at the spot

And they were roof repair contractors, the whole lot

There wasn’t a demo roof they couldn’t repair

For they knew their profession like hairdressers know hair


They knew about weather and other aspects

Which could cause a home’s roof to become a train wreck

They knew how to spot troubles before they became big

They even knew how to walk a roof and do jigs


They had colored shingles, applied them with no flaw

They did underlayment roofing on sloped roofs

They were local roofers, they were simply the best

Out of all roofers present, they alone passed every test


Even the way that they cleaned up after themselves

Impressed the beholders, judges and media reps

Also, quite impressive was their methods of prep

In addition, they had impeccable service with a smile

This group truly went the extra mile


So the mayor, he took his speckles off

Then he announced the winners with a cough

Then he handed the trophy with a handshake and nod

And said, “They must have learned to do this from God.”