Tamko Shingle Reviews

Reading up on Tamko shingle reviews,

trying to pick the perfect roof, to figure out exactly who’s who,

all this research has you singing the blues, 

all of these roofing salesman look like they lives in zoos,

head is pounding, feels likes someone is tightening the screws,

hard to pick a reputable contractor, cant seem to choose,

this is going to call for a fair amount of booze,

like Carmen Sandiego you are stuck searching for clues,

Every company keeps calling trying to woo,

my hard earned money I sure hope they don’t try to chew,

and spit out with poor quality work, making me say boo hoo,

I need a certified team, with top quality crews,

after all of this work I am going to need to take a cruise,

or go to church and pray on the pews,

these shingle colors come in to many skews,

soon they will be asking me to pick them in twos,

feels like I am wearing two left shoes,

like one of them is going to leave the job with a big pile of poo,

two months is to long to wait in their ques,

they need to bring a generator so they don’t blow a fuse,

and to be honest as I don’t want a ruse,

give it to me straight, not like I am an animal that moos,

get me angry and my face will change hues,

because if you don’t pick a good reviewed shingle everyone shall hear in the news,

about the quality and satisfaction so that you can pay your dues, 

because this is what holds society together, that call it the glue,

make sure to keep me happy or my business you will loose.