So desperately looking for financing on that new roof,

I call, and call these companies that all stand there so aloof,

It is not my fault the economy took a hit,

It is not my fault that foreclosed home was a total money pit,

There is not time to sit, I’ve got water coming into my house,

what is supposed to stay outside is now in, and it is angering my spouse,

Divorce is not an option as we have made a vow for life,

if I burn this place to the ground maybe it will end all of this strife,

All I want is a loan, one company to take a chance,

To work hard to get me some money, to get me financed,

But everyone laughs and points, so eager to judge,

if they were standing at the edge of a cliff I would nudge,

I promise I will pay if someone would just have a little trust,

That repossessed car was nothing but a bust,

A one time occurrence, it will never happen again

If only my credit score would stop scaring away any potential financial friend,

I want a roofer to fight for me, to pull some strings at the bank,

Someone to give me a green light, and approval, something substantial and not a prank.

Financing new roof can feel like one big spoof.