shingle roofers

When looking for the best quality shingle roofers,

you should employ the help of a really good proofer,

to verify everything that they say, and to measure it with a ruler,

because you want a contractor that you can call super,

not someone that doesn’t even show up, just the local boozer, 

or a petty thief that has been classified as a looter,

gone to jail several times because they were named as the shooter, 

all around society deems them as a loser,

low riding around town in their hoopty cruiser,

overcompensating with attitude because there ego needs a booster,

only living for today, absolutely no plan for the future,

watching them install that roof, you will break Youtube with the blooper,

in another life and career they could have been a good butcher,

when they cut off their hand they are going to need more then a suture,

you wont want to live in the house anymore, better hire a mover,

like a rabid dog you will want them put down or neutered,

need some time to mature, to turn that shingle a darker shade then pewter,

you are left feeling punch drunk, in a haze and a stupor,

this disease ridden trade makes you feel like you have a tumor, 

they should have stayed after school, sought the help of a tutor, 

learn some typing skills, how to turn on a computer,

this portion of your life will soon be forgotten, no need for a movie producer.