Shingle Tear Off / Wood Replacement

Any Worth Doing, Is Worth Doing Right

A strong, nail-able surface will help to guarantee you a long lasting system

To start the job, we completely strip layer of shingles off the roof. This allows us to then find any wood that has absorbed moisture over the years damaging its integrity. Our policy is that if it is even question it gets replaced.

We need to make sure that we have the best nail-able surface possible in order to hold that shingle down tightly This is all part of the demanding set of standards that are part of the 30 year guarantee that we give you.

Other companies may tell you that you can save money by installing new shingles over the existing layer. While this may be a short term solution, long term you will regret it. We always strip a roof down to the deck. This is the only chance you get to take care of any bad wood or flashing issues.

Worried about the cost? Does all of this sound really expensive!? No worries, you will be pleasantly surprised with our pricing. We are one of the highest volume installers in the state and we also bulk buy the majority of our materials in order to get the cost down.

We include for more wood replacement than any of our competitors. This is so that we can give you an honest price that you can budget to instead of trying to argue at the end of the project for a few more dollars. We honestly believe if any mistakes are made in the bidding process that we should take responsibility for them ourselves instead of charging the homeowner. That’s just good business.

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