Roofing Crews / Work Ethic


What Makes Us Stand Out

All of our roofing crews work exclusively for American Standard Roofing ensuring superior quality on every job. 

Every crew chief is fully manufacturer trained and certified with countless years of experience; these third generation tradesmen were born walking roofs. 

We only hire the best for one simple reason, it just makes everyone’s life easier. It is less for us to worry about as a company and brings more happy customers that continue referring us business.

Our employees come work. They show up early in the morning and work the entire day until the job is done. They never come inside to use a restroom, you don’t even need to be home for the install.

We complete the majority of roofing jobs in a single day. In the event that this is not possible, the work will be completed the next following day. We will never shift you to the back of the pile leaving your home exposed for weeks on end and we will never leave you with a tarp as your sole protection.

We strip the shingles in sections so that we can finish the area that day preventing any potential damage from inclement weather. At the end of the day all debris gets picked up and thrown away, no exceptions.

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Have you had a chance to read our reviews online? Did you meet the crew when they were working on your friend or family member’s house? See the great job they did on your neighbors house? We will send the same crew to work on your own home by request.