Drip Edge / Shingles

Drip Edge

Perimeter defense system, often overlooked but very important nonetheless

The widest  on the market 1.5 inch T-Stock drip edge gets installed around the entire perimeter of the house, including all rakes and eves. This helps prevent water from getting behind your gutters, stops wind driven rain from getting underneath the shingles, gives a clean and crisp look to your new roof, and helps to support the shingle so that it doesn’t curl over the edge as it ages.


Thick, heavy, quality shingles with good wind & algae/mold resistance

We always use a minimum of a 30 year dimensional / architectural / 3D shingle on all new installs, unless specifically requested by the customer. There are many upgraded options to choose from and we also still install the standard 3 tab, but 96% of our customers stick with the dimensional. All of our 3D shingles are algae and mold resistant, and specially designed to prevent any staining or streaking. Our roofers are certified to install every manufactures recommended system on the market, giving our customers the largest variety of choices possible. Lifetime shingles, metal, or rubber roofing products are all available upon request.


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Available shingle manufacturers include: Certainteed, Tamko, GAF, Owens Corning, IKO, & Atlas


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