Safely Climb Ladder

Safely Climb Roof:

Here at American Standard Roofing we want homeowners to safely climb roof and be secure in all their home improvement endeavors. As the weather changes, homeowners get curious about roofs. We have been hearing a lot about accidents caused by lack of safety measure. In today’s post we will discuss how homeowners can do these simple things and be able to safely climb roof.

Ladders Can Slip: Always Have Help

Friend Ladder

In order to safely climb roof, you should really have two people present. One should hold the ladder as the other person climbs. Ladders are notorious for going flying right when you get to the top of the roof, the last place you want your ladder to take off on you. If you don’t have somebody to hold your ladder, make sure it is very securely placed on level ground, and the feet are properly angled. Even better, place something heavy in front of the ladder, so if it starts to slide it can’t go very far. When you are coming back down off the roof, do so carefully.

Never Put Ladders Against Gutters:

Ladder Against Wall

When you are putting your ladder against the house, be careful of your gutters! They are very thin aluminum, and if you aren’t careful they will end up a dented mess. Find a gutter screw to lean your ladder near where you are less likely to do damage.

Don’t Tread on Shingles:

Walk on Shingles

Shingles are covered in little granules, which happen to come off when you walk on them. This leads to an effect like walking on marbles, especially on older roofs. Be especially careful on roofs that are wet or mossy, as these can send you flying off the side before you even know what happened. Heavy traffic can damage your shingles and shorten their lifespan. Be careful when walking on your shingles and don’t drag tools or other sharp objects across your roof. It’s easy to safely climb roof but fall anyway by being careless.

Never Underestimate Heights:


From the ground, most roofs don’t look very steep. It’s a whole different story once you are up there looking over the side! Make sure you know what you are getting into. Don’t go up on a roof if it feels too steep once you get there. Roofers use jacks on steep roofs to keep their footing, and they are professionals who spend all day every day up there. If they won’t even walk on the roof without precautions, you shouldn’t either. Our simplest advice: if you aren’t comfortable, don’t do it.

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