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Roofing In Detroit: Contractors Working To Improve Our City One Roof At A Time

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Articles

Roofing In Detroit: Contractors Working To Improve Our City One Roof At A Time

We have finally escaped from bankruptcy and are starting to rebuild, slowly but surely. Crime is down but people continue to move out of the city. Our mayor has done a great job coming up with new programs to try and attract a new demographic but they seem to be falling a little short. The problem is that Detroit is still stuck in the past in a lot of ways, which can make progress even more complicated moving forward. It was a great idea to auction off these vacant properties, a lot of people are now homeowners in Detroit that would have never considered the idea before. Yet, the support stopped after the sale leaving inexperienced buyers to fend for themselves when it came to completing the necessary home improvements. The face that some of these customers made when they heard how much a new roof cost was just priceless, “For that I could buy 10 houses!”. They just didn’t, and possibly still don’t, know what it takes to bring these homes back up to a livable condition. There was no effort made to let them know up front, before they purchased some burnt out shell, that this is what you can expect to have to do to make it a livable home. These homes are mostly old even if they haven’t been destroyed, which means they need a lot of updating.

We had the fortune to meet with some of these new Detroit citizens first because generally you start hiring a roofing contractor first. You could see the reality start to sink in, and through our follow up calls, to see if there was anything else that we could do to secure the roofing job, we found that many had decided to leave just leave the house the way it is and move on. Not exactly what we were hoping to see happen, but that’s just the facts. We offer our customers free roof inspections and therefore recommend if you are looking to potentially purchase a new property call us out first so you can have a general idea what you are getting into. Had this been recommended to these new, probably short lived, Detroit residents it would have saved a whole lot of heart ache. As far as the Detroit building department goes, well that is a whole different story and something you really need to experience yourself. It seems that they would welcome anyone trying to invest money into the city, bending over backwards to accommodate. Unfortunately, this is far, far, far from the reality of the situation. It is truly unbelievable in comparison to other cities building departments and is no doubt responsible for a large majority of the problems people are having completing these home improvement projects.

Beautiful website though check it out below. Hopefully someone will read this with a little more political power that is capable of truly making a change here, the potential is unlimited.

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