Roof Measurements

Roof Measurements:

In today’s post, our panel of experts here at American Standard Roofing talk about roof measurements. It is important to for roof measurements to be consistent. Construction and other home improvement industries rely heavily on true roof measurements for their business. In today’s post we will explain why that is so important.

Important for Business Growth & Retention:

Business Growth

Our experts explain that successful businesses are always trying to get work. Workflow is especially important in roofing business. The only way to increase business and get more jobs is when roof measurements are accurate. Homeowners will get multiple estimates and a flawed roof measurement will instantly work against you.

Low Costs Win Projects:

Low Costs

Accurate roof measurements ultimately help business earn more business. If a roofing business can not measure a roof properly, it can not bid for for that project correctly. If that business can not build a project for the correct cost, then there will be no point in bidding. The reason? There will be no profits from that job. Businesses that do not make money do not remain in business long. It is absolutely essential that things start right from the beginning.

Checking After Completing Build:

Follow Up

A good quality build starts with a good quality roof measurement. Here at American Standard Roofing, we initially start with a satellite measure. We then follow it up with a ground measure estimate. As a business, one needs to make sure that the measurements are corresponding with the actual builds. Many times, you may notice that you are forgetting to account for enough of a certain material upfront. For example, hip and ridge or ice guard etc. Sometimes you may even notice that you are measuring correctly but material is still going missing or being over used. In retail terms this is called shrinkage. This warrants immediate attention. It general means there is internal theft going on.

Accurate Roof Measurements Help Aggressive Pricing:

Accurate Roof Measurement

Our team advises that accurate roof measures general help with keeping costs low. This can help in making better offers to homeowners. When you are able to keep you build costs firmly in line, you are then able to more aggressively price material. Roofing is a very competitive industry. Lowering your margins exposes you to a major problem if you make the smallest of mistakes. This is what separates the pros from the amateurs. A professional contractor will be able to know exactly what a job is going to cost them before they finish an estimate.

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