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Roof Insulation Importance & Science Behind it: Quick ASR Guide

by | Nov 12, 2018

Roof Insulation Importance

Roof Insulation Importance:

In today’s post our team of experts here at American Standard Roofing discuss roof insulation importance. Most homeowners are not aware that 40% of both your cooling and heating costs are associated with roof insulation. This gives roof insulation importance a whole new meaning. Imagine almost half of your energy bills associated with roof insulation. Our team of experts discuss further.

The Science Behind Insulation:

Mapping Heat Loss

Our team will discuss the science and physics behind the whole insulation process. This will help homeowners understand the importance of roof insulation.

Lack of Insulation: Winters


In order to understand the importance of roof insulation, we must first understand the science behind it. Our team explains that warm air rises up as long as nothing is blocking it. In contrast, colder air will tend to drop. Now bring insulation into the equation as this highlights the importance of roof insulation. Now think of a roof without insulation. If a homeowner is heating a room, that heated air will go up and touch the ceiling. This will end up warming the ceiling. Without insulation, this warmth gets transferred through the ceiling, and outside the home.

Thermal Cycle Effect:

Thermal Cycle Effect

In addition, this loss of the heat results in the cooler air ‘dropping’ in the room. Consequently, you end up with a cycle of cold air dropping down and warm air going up. This is called thermal cycle effect. This will end in homeowners losing a lot of warmth. Homeowners will have to crank up their hearts and furnaces to keep a home warm. As our readers can see, this will end up with high energy bills.

Lack of Insulation: Summers


Now consider the importance of roof insulation during summer times. During a hot day the roof space gets very hot. The ceiling and roof space will have a lot of hot air just sitting on top. This will result in everything being heated up. As the ceiling starts to get warm and starts making the air around it warm too. Air conditioners try to cool down rooms, but they are having to work extra hard now. With insulation in place, the outside heat will not get to the ceiling keeping the room temperature inside the home low. That is why our team insists on talking about importance of roof insulation throughout the year, not just winters.

What is The Solution?


Our team advises mainly two solutions:

  1. Most importantly, get your roof insulated. Trust us when we say that it will pay-off in the long run.
  2. Properly inspect your doors and windows. We especially recommend those areas where you spend most time, like living room. Just make sure you have sufficient wind and natural element proofing.

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