Residential Roof Repair

Residential Roof Repair, Finding Someone To Actually Care,

A task many think is simple, my feelings they need not spare,

Bitter tasting, the opposite of a sweet pear, 

walking into the dragons lair, feeling stuck at a desk without a chair,

all you want is a contractor that is fair,

when you enjoy the work that they’ve done, their praise you will blare,

out to you friends, family, and coworkers you will share,

because your heart no longer suffers from that tear,

you once again will be able to take a deep breath of air,

a good nights sleep will no longer be but a dare,

no more suffering from a lose of hair,

looking so bald, like you used some Nair,

Now you can actually relax, a time so rare,

that look of shame and grief, you no longer need to wear,

Gone are all the negative feelings, all that despair,

you finally found a roofing contractor to take care of that repair.