Michigan Roofing

There are many variables that you need to account for when estimating the price of a new roof, it truly is an art form. But for most homeowners, and even some contractors, it is enough to just be able to get a base line measurement and use a basic formula in order to get a price. As most customer are smart enough to forgo the recover option now a days, we will focus on replacement roofing prices alone.

It is important to take into account every single aspect of the proposed job. That means that pitch, all the flashing, any special considerations for property protection, shingle drop, and of course materials. These are generally where the roofer will make the mistake as multiplying the perimeter area by the pitch factor is so easy that a child could do it with no problem. There are many satellite technologies that now exist in which you can even pull a specific roof report for any desired property. That means the proactive homeowner can now measure their own home and have that with them when prospecting a roofing company to hire. 

To keep things simple, a great base price for a simple to do 1 layer ranch in a 30 year architectural shingle should fall between $2.50 and $3.00 a square foot. The details discussed above are of the utmost importance as they are what make that professionals stand out from the amateurs. The same products are available to everyone at nearly the same price, it is how they are installed that matters most. In the end you may end up paying a little bit more for a reputable company that is fully insured and has top quality installation techs. The better the installers are the more they obviously expect to get paid.

A lot of people get really caught up on the specific shingle manufacturer that they use, and although this is a very important subject to consider it need not be something you lose your hair about. Everyone has their opinion and a favorite shingle that they use, but overall the difference in the products just come down to a few clear distinctions. A shingle can be reliably measured based off of its weight, strength, weathering, wind, and impact resistance. If you go to consumer reports they will be able to tell you everything that you need to know without any misleading marketing material.