What you need to know this summer to properly repair your roof


This article is intended to give you a brief overview of what you need to know to take care of some roof repairs this summer. It is very important that you are knowledgeable and extra careful when working on your roof as it can be very dangerous and expensive if not fixed properly.

Safety First

Roofing Safety Plan

Make sure that you or your licensed roofer have a solid safety plan in place before starting to work. Check out this OSHA article for more information regarding creating a roofing safety plan. These plans are mandatory and will save you a lot of time and money if properly used.

Ask a friend first

The best way to find quality work

The best place to find a reliable roofer is to ask someone you know for a personal reference. If they worked on a friend or family members house and did a great job they are much more likely to do the same for you compared to a stranger. Make sure the person you know was both happy with the way in which they worked and the quality of materials that they used. Cleanup is also an important aspect to ask about as well as how long the warranty, if any, they offered is good for.

What you need to know

Questions you need to ask

When hiring a roofer ask questions about their equipment as this is going to make a big difference in how quickly they can complete the job and how the roof is going to be installed or repaired. If they need to use hammers and nails it is going to take much longer then a compressed air nail gun. You also need to know what the complete price is going to be and how they arrived at that amount. Are they charging by the hour? By the square? Is it a complete estimate or approximate?

Beware of the uninsured

Protect yourself by following these steps

Before anyone takes one step on your roof make sure that you have agreed on a written contract and that they have furnished you with all the appropriate insurance / licensing certificates. God forbid you need to take them to court you should have everything written out exactly as it was originally conveyed. Even worse, if they are not properly insured and end up hurting themselves while on your property you can stand to lose everything that you own. Make sure you have an install date and time to complete the job so you don’t get stuck with a half completed roof for weeks on end.

Best price in town for a new roof, call today were getting really busy!

When is enough, enough?

It is very important to get multiple estimates but not necessary to beat a dead horse here. The price is going to get so low and in all honesty it is not always smart to go with the lowest bid. Compare quality, reputation, and ability to schedule when reviewing competing bids.

Responsible financing is not a kids game

And how did you plan on taking care of that balance today?

Make sure both parties are clear and agree upon payment terms. If you are intending to finance this should be discussed up front. If paying cash make sure how much money the contractor wants up front and upon completion when they expect to get paid. Do not assume credit card payments are taken by everyone because this is something certain companies may not be able to process.


Learn the lingo or ask for clarification

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Brush up on your “Roofernese”

Lastly, try to read up on some basic roofing terms so that you can have an intelligent conversation when getting pitched. You should at least be able to detect when someone is giving you a song and dance instead of describing anything useful concerning the roofing process they use. There are many great online sources to study up for free such as the one found here in this askaroofer article.

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