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Roofing Bingham Farms MI:

American Standard Roofing are premier roofers. We have has roofing Bingham MI jobs in the past. We specialize in roofing, sidings and gutters. We also install insulation and other home improvement projects. Call or contact us today. We will take care of all your roofing Bingham Farms MI needs.

Bingham Farms Background:

Bingham farms is a little village located in Southfield with just over 1,000 residents. It was originally founded by a Vermont resident. It maintained its seclusion until Telegraph Road was built. This independent and strong willed community was able to prevent any roads from being paved until the 1980’s so that it didn’t become overdeveloped to quickly. The median income is above average. It hovers somewhere around $125k annually.

History Trivia:

In the early 1950s, citizens in the southern part of the township sought to have the entire township incorporated as a city. Seeking to retain their individual characters and guard against annexation, the settlements in the northern end raced to incorporate as villages. Bingham Farms was incorporated on October 4, 1955. It is named after a prominent family present in the village since 1880. All roads in the village remained unpaved until 1984. This was to discourage intensive development.

Roofers Perspective:

Because of its wealth, we typically do see larger homes in this area. It is right around the corner from our office and we therefore end up replacing many roofs for the residents of Bingham Farms. From experience, we can say that we run into a lot of roofing situation in which there is special attention needed for complicated valleys and other intricate work. Many other roofing contractors have tried, unsuccessfully, to infiltrate this area but its residents tend to take personal referrals more seriously then anything else. This has been absolutely great for us.

Official Website:

Click here for official website of village of Bingham Farms.

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