The Importance of Proper Ventilation

Construction products and procedures have advanced considerably in recent times leaving the heat moisture and condensation that used to escape through walls and windows to build up and inside the house and attic spaces. An excess of attic heat can lead to moisture buildup, increased energy costs , ice dams, and potential damage to roofing products and structural supports. Balanced airflow keeps attic temperatures from reaching extremes. Vents allow outside air to move through the attic. The result is a cooler, drier, attic, which means a longer lasting roof.

Necessary Precautions

Reduce excess heat and moisture in attics with proper ventilation. The best way to ventilate an attic and ensure a balanced and functional system is to use continuous soffit (intake) and ridge (exhaust) vents. Calculations for a properly balanced system can be achieved by following the FHA (Fair Housing Administration/ HUD). This calls for 1 sq.ft. of net free ventilation per 300 sq.ft. of attic floor area.

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Principle of Soffit & Ridge Vents

Continuous soffit and ridge venting works by convection. Using the natural force of hot air rising ensures proper airflow from the eave all the way to the ridge. Cool , dry air replaces hot, moist air that is “pushed” out through the ridge vent. The ridge vents that we use also possess an external baffle system that uses the power f negative pressure to further ventilate your attic. As air pass over the top of the roof line it creates negative pressure underneath it, sucking the air directly through the soffits and thus circulating air throughout the entire attic

The Often Overlooked Bathroom Vent

Improperly installed bathroom and kitchen vents can literally just pour excess moisture directly into an attic. This will mitigate all the positive effects of a good ventilation system. We install dedicated vent jacks for you with external dampeners that make sure that air is only exhausted and not let back into the house.

Ventilation is one of the most crucial components to a healthy roof, and is something that is often overlooked or disregarded. We thoroughly analyze the design of your home to ensure that there is enough ventilation and the whole system is up to code. Often times, because of an improper installation or just an outdated system, we can double or triple the amount of airflow in the attic. This helps to preserve your new roof, prevent moisture build up and mildew, and improve your heating and cooling efficiency drastically.

As part of our complete roofing system, we replace all existing vents and install additional ventilation as necessary to maximize airflow. All of the new vents are completely screened and baffled to prevent any animals or insects from getting into your home.

The Cause of Ice Damns

Ice dams create barriers preventing water from running off the roof. They usually form at the edge of the roof, just above the gutter, in cold & snowy climate conditions. They form when the snow melting on warmer areas of the roof runs down and refreezes at the colder overhangs. Pesky warm spots are caused by heat that escapes from the living space into the attic. Once this cycle of melting and refreezing begins a barrier is formed, trapping the melted snow and causing it to flow up and under shingles. Various things nasty can occur because of these issues, including the following:

  • 1. Paint begins to peel on both inside and outside walls
  • 2. Roof coverings, fascia, and gutters can be damaged
  • 3. Structural damage can result from the weight of the ice dam
  • 4. Interior leaks and the associated damage that they cause


The only thing capable of solving these problems is adequate ventilation combined with proper levels of insulation.

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