Michigan Winter Roofing Issues

In today’s post we discuss one of the two most common Michigan winter roofing issues. We will go in detail on the first issue today and will follow up with the second issue in the coming days.

Common Michigan Winter Roofing Issues:

Here at American Standard Roofing, our experts agree that two most common winter roofing issues are:

  1. Ice Dams & Buildup
  2. Leaking Roofs

As mentioned above, for the sake of brevity, we will go over Ice Dams & Buildups today. We will cover Leaking Roofs in a follow up post soon.

Ice Buildup Explained:

ice dam

We often see ice buildups in Michigan winters. This is actually common in areas that have a lot of snow fall and fluctuating colder temperatures. The cause is simple. Snow melts when temperature goes above freezing and then turns to ice when temperature falls below freezing. This re-freeze of ice on surface of roof forms ice dams that cause long term damage to roofs.

Prevention Tips:

  1. First and foremost, we recommend clearing of roof after periods of heavy snowfall. Ice dams lead to shingle damage on roof ending up costing home owners a lot of money. This simple prevention method can help avoid that.
  2. Gutters also play a key role. Make sure your gutter systems are working properly providing proper flow for runaway water.
  3. We recommend being proactive. Have good insulation and ventilation systems in place before winter arrives. Proper attic insulation and ventilation keeps roofs temperature stable. This helps prevention of ice buildup on roof top.

We highly recommend contacting our team here at ASR to help guide you and give a list of services we provide. Stay tuned for our follow-up article on Michigan winter roofing issues.

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