Deep Down, We All Want To Feel Like We Came Out On Top

Unicorn RoofingWin / Win situations are great, but about as hard to find as unicorns

When it is time to make a major purchase in life, everyone seems to have a different strategy to take care of business. You have the endless researcher that thinks they will be able to outsmart the world by reading enough blog posts and Wikipedia pages. Then you have the tough nosed negotiator that will get the best possible deal through sheer force of will alone. No matter how long it takes, no matter how rude they have to be, these individuals will take it to the extreme to get what they feel is a fair price. Lastly, you have the trust worthy, easy going types that believe anything that they are told. If it sounds like a fair enough deal, and they like who they are buying from, the whole process goes down pretty smoothly.

local roofer judgeCan anyone really say which approach is best?

It is all a matter of opinion, and any way that you approach can have mixed results. Therefore, an entire new strategy need be devised before attempting to shop around for a new roof. A hybrid method that only takes from the best, and leaves out all the rest. As we deal in this world each and every day, we feel that we can offer you some useful tips when it comes to this topic.

Local roofer coffeePut on your reading glasses, brew a pot of coffee, and get to work

This whole process is going to start with some hard core research. But, before you even start looking at roofing companies, do a little research regarding roofing in general. You should be familiar with the basic measurements and material options so that you can properly understand what you are paying for and how much of it is needed. Please, pretty, pretty please, don’t ask Siri to explain this to you, or to find some local roofers to call . If you want any easy to understand roofing explanation and definition click here for a great article. You only need to graze the material to get a basic understanding here; each and every roofer is going to have a different opinion and you are going to hear them all whether you like it or not. Do not be one of those people that try to master the trade by just endlessly reading about it. Aim to have a healthy understanding, but also keep an open mind because these contractors have dedicated their lives to this and at least deserve a little respect for that.  Now that you have finished your homework, and you are certifiably a professional roofer, it is time to roll up your sleeves a little further and start contacting some contractors.

local roofer listMake a list, and check it twice

There are just so many places now available which list qualified contractors for you to look at. Angie’s list, HomeAdvisor,, Amazon, and even Google is getting into the game! No one has the time, or the energy, to look everywhere to find a good roofing company. So, pick 3 resources that you feel comfortable using and no more. That’s it. From those three websites, choose the top three contractors on each one and add them to a master list. Any companies that appear on more then one list you should automatically qualify as a final contender. If this alone gets you to a number over 3, you can move on to the next step. If not, then you need to look further at the companies that you have left over. Spend a little time on each of their websites, and even try Googling their names to see what pops up. We would like to say that most people are logical when it comes to making a big decision such as this. But, in all honesty, more often then not we hear that a company gets chosen because the customer liked the way their name sounded. Try to make a decision on more then this alone. Ultimately, you only need to have 3-4 companies out to give you an estimate, so this step should not take all that long.

local roofer invitiationNow, the real fun starts!

It is time to suck it up and actually invite some roofers out to your house. Yes, this can be painful, but you have no choice in the matter. Try to smile, and to be polite. Whether you believe it or not, it is better if the salesman actually likes you. Those that try to get a good deal by coming off as intimidating are sadly mistaken here, as no one wants to work hard for someone that they cant stand. Ask the pertinent questions, and listen to what the consultant has to say. The whole measuring and presentation process should take no more then 30 minutes. Anything beyond that time period, you can politely let them know that you have a prior engagement that you must get to. From there, collect all the written estimates to review at a later time. See, it wasn’t all that difficult!

local roofer choiceWhittle them down, one by one

Odds are that one estimate will stand out from the others as being superior, and one as being just ridiculous. None the less, take your personal feelings out of the equation and look at everything on an even playing field. Make sure that the scope of work, the pricing, and materials used are all comparable. From there, it is OK to make the final decision based on your emotions, because they still do deserve some recognition. You have to just trust your gut to a certain extent, it has kept you alive this long in life. However, never trust it first and foremost, as it can often get misled by clever manipulators.

business man having his identity stolen

But what about getting the best deal?

You thought we forgot about that didn’t you? Not at all, we wanted to draw you down the rabbit hole to get your mind off of the price for a minute. You are making a huge purchase here, and it is always the ones that only look at the bottom line who get screwed over in the end. Why? Because the roofers that work to cheap are either cutting corners or will simply not be able to stay in business very long. It is OK for a company to make a fair profit, this is how they stay fed. You are making a long term investment here, and it needs to treated accordingly. Saving a few hundred dollars today can cost you countless thousands in the long run. When you get down to the nitty gritty, and have chosen your ideal roofing contractor, call them back to see if they can come down a little on their price if they are higher then the other estimates. Be fair about it, as you do not want to start this relationship on the wrong foot. But, any roofer that does enough business knows how competitive the market is.They should gladly welcome the opportunity to take away businesses from another company, even if it means they are making a little bit less on the project.