“I need a local roofer,” he cried
“Not one in Alaska
If I wait too long to get the work done
The roof and house will be a disaster”

He was sure that he could find
Recommendations from someone
If he did, his work would be done
He would then sit and wait
For their miracle repair
In fact, he was sure, they’d abandon despair

He asked the neighbor on the left
He then asked the one on the right
It was to his delight
They both recommended the same guy

The local roofer arrived ready to work
He was very professional
Didn’t act like a jerk
His co-workers also, were local and skilled
The roof in short order, looked as new as fresh built

The local company was known to be top tier
They were known as experts whose customers had nothing to fear
They were the local roofer company
Trained and professional all the way
And though it is fifteen years later
The repairs are intact today