There’s a hole in my roof That lets the light in

the sun, the cold, the rain.

There’s a hole in my roof  That’s lets my life out

Through rot and cost, and pain.

I clearly don’t know what happened

It all was going so well

The one fine day I noticed a spot

Where mold was starting to dwell.

The rain was creeping into the house

And mold was growing all-round

Should I attempt to fix this thing

That someday would bring the house down?

” Need New Roof” my spouse cried out

“No Money” was my reply

‘Get up there and fix it’, she returned

Creating a tear in my eye.

‘Fear not!’ He said as he arrived,

This fixer-of-broken-down-roofs.

I’ll save the day and repair this one too,

Look here; I have many-a-proof.

He showed his list of happy homeowners

That he had recently saved.

Then blasting to work he repaired this thing

The dust and mold he braved.

So here I sit, again at peace

A brand-new roof I own

” Need New Roof” no longer my task

My spouse now sports a new tone.