With spring weather approaching and warmer weather spring cleaning is on several people’s minds.
Your roof should be one of those spring cleaning tasks.

Being that your roof is your fist line of protection from the elements and your roof can take a toll from
the cold winter months you should do an inspection every spring.

First and foremost… Check and clean out your gutter system.

Maintaining your gutters will help water flow freely off of the roof. Remove all leaves and any other
debris from the gutter and make sure your downspouts have a clear flow. While inspecting your gutter
system, check the fascia, soffit and walls around the gutters for any signs of water spots or damage from
water. If you do notice any, this could be a sign that your gutters need to be inspected for any damage
from not being pitched correctly or there is other damage.

Look at the trees around your home. If there are any tree limbs, branches that are touching your roof,
or close to touching your roof you should have them trimmed. Tree limbs and branches can damage
your shingles by brushing against them during a windy day. They will loosen the granules and cause
your shingle to deteriorate sooner than they should. Also if there is any debris sitting on your roof (ex:
leaves, limbs, twigs etc) you should remove them as well. If they are just sitting on your roof in a clump
that will cause the shingles to deteriorate sooner than they should.

Check your chimney. Weather it is used or it is dormant, this is an important thing to have checked.
During the cold months an animal can take refuge in a dormant chimney. This can become a breeding

Your chimney can also cause leaking into your home. Check the brick and mortor for any cracks or
missing pieces. Check the flashing to make sure it is still attached and sealed. If there are any concerns
this should be checked. Keeping it properly sealed will save from costly damages inside your home.

Check for any missing shingles or damaged shingles. You will want to access any damage from wind and
check your yard for pieces of shingle. Check the downspout and gutters for any granuales from your
shingles. If you notice granuales in your gutter system and in the downspouts, your roof may need
some professional attention. If you notice missing shingle and can see your roof decking, you will need
to contact a roofing professional to access the damge and repair the area.

Check for warped (cupped) looking shingles. That is a sign that you are in need of a new roof installation
as well.

If you are uncomfortable performing this spring cleaning task, calling a roof professional for a “roof
tune-up” inspection will be the right thing to do.