Roofing company Commerce

The first thing that you need to know when it comes to Commerce MI Roofing is that you absolutely need a building permit. Any structural modifications made to an existing structure, new construction, electrical, plumbing, or heating work require a permit, inspection, and approval to be completed. 

Always remember that if you are hiring a contractor it is imperative that you have them pull the permit. This helps to ensure that they are fully licensed, bonded and insured with no outstanding violations in Commerce Township. Although you are technically able to pull the permit yourself, it is definitely not recommended unless you plan on performing the work and being responsible for the inspection and approval.

If you end up following the law and guidelines here but still have a problem with a roofing contractor, you have 18 months by law to file a complaint with the state. Go to the following website to download the forms: When those have been filled out the necessary paperwork you can bring it into the Commerce Township Building and Engineering Department to have a local inspector out to your property in order to take a look at the work themselves. They will make their own determination regarding the violation and can then send in the completed paperwork to the state. After that, you will have to go through mediation in order to resolve the matter.

If you would prefer to mitigate these issue in the first place, then there is a new trend that has been gaining traction in the local community. Using a third party escrow service, such as SaferBuild, the homeowner’s funds do not get released to the contractor until the project is completed to satisfaction. It will take some time before this becomes the norm when hiring a home improvement but, based on current projections, within the net 5 years this will become the industry standard. A similar process is already used in commercial work, all it is going to take is a strong reeducation program in order to convince the public of the necessity of such a service.


If you would like further information from the Charter Township of Commerce, please check out their website as it is quite informative: