You have asked me for the best shingle color, 

all that I can say to you is “Oh mother…”,

we are good friends, I think of you as a brother,

and it does not matter how we we know each other,

because your wife she will smother,

my face as if caught with another lover,

all certainty she will make sure to cover,

with doubt and regret, as if I know the best shingle color,

I feign to be color blind in order to save my own behind,

happy wife, happy life is all that is on my mind,

if asked, deep in my heart that is all you will find,

devotion and faith, respect of her opinion no matter how it grinds,

for a roof you will look at once and make sure it is aligned,

then to forget about it and all of its kind,

siding, gutters, insulation and such,

the home improvement bug has you deep in its clutch,

you ending up spending too much,

and now you are forced to live in a hutch,

a shell, a broken room because your house is on a crutch,

best to just leave the country and become a Dutch.