Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles that make the neighbors want to mingle,

especially handy if you happen to be single,

no one likes that one house on the block,

that looks like it has been beat with a rock,

a hammer, a brick, beaten hard with an ugly stick,

roof falling off and siding on the grass,

they try to put it up for sale, but all buyers they do pass,

property values are now sinking,

right before your eyes that sweat equity is slowly leaking,

escaping from the palms of your hands,

like water it will somehow find that dry land,

and cause it to erode, no matter how fast or slow,

because deep down everyone seems to know,

That it is not money stopping you from making those necessary repairs,

but pure sloth and laziness, qualities never to be combined in pairs,

so take the stairs, take a ladder, get up and change out that roof,

before the neighbors burn down your house, away it goes with a poof.