With great success comes great responsiblity

We are very pleased that we have been regarded as the 2014 best roofing company in Michigan based on several qualifiers including business practices and customer satisfaction. These are two things that are most important to us moving forward at American Standard Roofing, as we recognize the perils of growing exponentially. Every day we analyze our customer satisfaction index and have recently partnered with a third party company that gives us independent audit and surveys so that we can get a clear view of how are customers are really feeling. Maintaining this objectivity is very important as we often build a strong relationship or, even friendship, with our customers and often they do not want to say anything to hurt our feelings. Thus, we needed someone that they could be completely honest with so that we could make sure all those top rated roofing reviews we keep seeing pop up are coming from the right place. Compliments are great but what we really strive to do is secure the business of all of our customers associates and family members. That is the greatest compliment that anyone can give us, trusting us to take care of those they care for. 

As far as improving our business practices go, it is something we constantly work on and struggle with. We would never lie to you about it, this is not an easy thing to do. We have to balance that fine line recognizing that we are a business and depend on the profits that we make to support our families. However, if you lose focus of what really matters and try to accumulate as much profit as quickly as possible you will in time lose everyone that made you successful in the first place. With this in mind we have tried to simplify our philosophy and procedures as much as possible. We always keep our finger on the pulse in the market to stay aware of what our competition is doing, how they are pricing, any new products released by the roofing manufacturers, and any potential issues with existing products that may effect our customer base. Because we are one of the highest volume roofing companies in Michigan we are able to negotiate deals with the suppliers that no one else can touch. This allows us to offer our customers pricing well below industry standards because the way we see it, this is a necessity purchase not something most people really want to do. Therefore, it is important that we are offering affordable roofing materials at the highest quality possible, we save you the hassle of the “upsell”.  

Michigan Roofing Award