A roof over your head
is all you need,
but when it’s leaking instead,
there’s only one way to proceed.
For a roof repair,
you need a professional with a plan,
to keep out the elements and humid air,
someone who will truly understand.
A tarp won’t do,
it’s not something to ignore,
eventually the ceiling will cave too,
and cost you a whole lot more.
You can’t hand your castle over to just anyone,
your safety and security is a must,
so when a roof repair job needs to be done,
it’s important to find an expert you can trust.
Someone with experience and skill,
who knows the job well,
who gets the job done when he says he will,
and who respects the home in which you dwell.
If you find yourself with a missing shingle or two,
or an entire tree on your roof,
there’s only one thing that you can do,
call a roofing repair contractor, but ask for proof!
When it’s the roof over your head,
you can never be too picky,
when you’ve got rain falling on your bed,
the repair can be a little tricky.
Don’t invite just anyone into your home,
make sure that the person you find,
is someone who is well-known,
and considerate of your needs and time.
Whether it’s a damaging storm,
age, or a decision to update,
the right professional will keep your house dry and warm,
you can rely on what they create.
Next time you hear a creak or crack,
or damage with roof as a factor,
there’s a place to call to get your castle back,
roofing repair contractors.