Hard to believe, yet true

Yes, we still hear stories from our customers about how some roofing contractor would not come out to give an estimate unless both the husband and wife were home. To be 100% honest here, as a competitive company we absolute love to here this nonsense. We can only assume there intentions are good, in that they want both decision makers to be present, but the execution is absolutely horrible. We are all in this to make a living and it is no secret that closing ratios go up if both the Mr. and Mrs. are there to get the quote on a new roof. But to make this mandatory, it is not only offensive but may be borderline illegal

The Year Is 2015

Woman have worked hard to gain respect in a social sense, even though they still don’t make the same amount as a man in the same position. That being said, they are more then capable of having a roofer come out and give them an estimate without help. If they feel it is necessary, then absolutely call anyone that you feel is going to be of assistance. But the same goes for any guy getting a quote, there should be nothing to hide here. 

Mr. or Mrs. roof quote

A Free Estimate Is Not An Obligation

In no way should you ever feel obligated to the salesman or any other their requests. They are doing there job and have to deal with rejection on a daily basis, some their own fault but most not even in their control. If they start to make requests that make you uncomfortable, or come off as rude or abrasive before even coming out, it is better to just move on. Just imagine if, god forbid, you had a problem after hiring such an individual! This is them at their best because they are desperately trying to earn your business. Do not expect it to get any better with time. 

The Beauty Of The Internet

Anything that you want to know can now be accessed instantly and almost for free. Never before have we had such power at our finger tips, and it is something that should be utilized often. If you have any questions about what is being said just take detailed notes and then look it all up later. It is rude to start typing into your phone or tablet during a presentation, and that is not the way that you want to come off. It is much better to try to win a salesperson over rather than beat them up, contrary to popular belief. They will go to work for you a lot harder if they feel a connection, which means you should be able to negotiate a much better deal. If you notice anything that does not add up, before jumping to conclusions, give them a call to find out more information. There may be a perfectly good explanation for why what you have found online doesn’t match what was said at the pitch. Then again, you could have just caught them in a lie that could potentially have cost you thousands of dollars.