What you need to know about installing copper gutters on your home


Benefits breakdown

You can basically break the benefits of installing copper gutters down into three distinct categories.They are an Eco friendly product, greatly enhance the exterior appearance of any property, and will last a very long time. Whichever reason has motivated you to come here searching we are going to start our journey with the most important aspect to consider before undertaking any home improvement project, the total cost.


Copper price analysis

Cost comparison

Your home is one of, if not the most, expensive investments you will make in your life time. It is a reflection of who you are and more importantly your personal taste and style. There is no doubt getting copper gutters installed on your house will make a strong statement but is it worth the expense? The gutter system serves an important purpose in keeping your home healthy but the majority of people choose to go with the new seamless aluminum construction over any other product on them market. These systems are proven to be reliable and also cost effective ranging up to $7 a square foot installed. With a life expectancy here of 20 years + this is a suitable option for most customers. Copper gutters on the other hand cost up to $26 a linear square foot but will also last 100 + years for you. If you have disposable income then this is not going be enough to dissuade you from an such an expenditure so read on to further explore the three previously discussed benefits.

Who knew something this Eco friendly could look so good?

Save the Earth, buy yourself some copper gutters

First off, because we all want to do our part to save the environment, copper gutters are constructed from sustainable and Eco friendly materials. Copper is an abundant element that we have been using for thousands of years so we are well aware of its chemical properties. Sustainability is an important variable when rating a products impact on the planet and copper gutters have been known to last in excess of 300 years! Installation requires everything to be copper here to work properly, from the accessories to the fasteners. This adds considerably to the price but also makes it very easy to recycle any wasted materials. With the help of our little friend the penny nearly eighty percent of all copper commercially produced is still in circulation today. Over forty percent of that copper in circulation was recycled at least once already, making this element literally one if a kind in this aspect. When recycling copper we use considerably less energy then when first mining it, 85% less to be accurate here. That again is something unique to this material that we can only hope to one day replicate with other materials used in consumers products such as plastic.

That extra flare that makes your property stand out from the rest

Historic look for those with a distinguished modern taste

Any realtor will tell you that a property with copper gutters will move quicker and attract a usually unreachable demographic of potential buyers. It is one of those things that you historically found quite often but that you see less and less in your local neighborhoods. As the material ages it takes on a beautiful green hue known as a patina which is truly a mark of distinguished craftsmanship. Because the installation already requires professional skills outside the normal laborers qualifications it should be quite easy for them to custom shape and design the gutter system to satisfy any artistic expression you desire. From three dimensional shapes to intricately details twists and turns you can literally create until your hearts content here so take your time and check out some interesting photos online to get ideas.

Low maintenance means you have more time for other projects

Worry free material, say what?

That’s right, copper as a raw material requires no maintenance and the finished gutters you only need to clean once in a while. Now that alone almost makes the increased price worthwhile! All that sanding, surface treatments, and painting you can kiss goodbye. These gutters don’t weigh much and therefore are a lot less likely to cause and structural damage to your home or to crack and leak themselves. Copper is extremely resistant to corrosion and thus can withstand harsh conditions and also in areas where there is a lot of running water.

How much do you love the idea?

This is the question that it comes down to in the end plain and simple. It is a big commitment and should bring you all the joy in the world. If you live in a North Eastern state such as Michigan then make sure you are going to be happy with the color of the patina within a few years. Besides that we rarely have a customer say they regretted their decision to buy copper gutters. It is a once in a lifetime purchase so make sure that you have trained professional capable of fulfilling your every hope and dream.

So many design ideas to choose from