When is the last time you had your roof inspected? Most people will glance up at their roof periodically
while outside, but when is the last time you were on your roof or a roof professional was on your roof?
The roof on your home is the first line of defense from the elements. It shelters you from the weather,
and that is why it is so important to have it inspected after a storm.

All weather elements play a toll on your roof. Sun, wind, hail, snow, sleet and rain. In order for family to
remain safely sheltered is to have a roof inspection complete after a storm. If you are in an area that is
riddled with storms, it is still wise to have a roofing inspection at least once a year. This could save you
money down the road.

How does a storm cause damage to your roof?

Winter Storms can beat up your roof like any other storm. When you have the weight of the snow and
the up and down temperatures can cause enough damage to possibly have cave-ins of your roof. When
sleet builds up in below zero temps, water freezing in the little nooks around can cause the shingles to
crack, not to mention what it could do to the gutters as well.

In all shapes and sizes, Hail Storms are known to cause serious damage to vehicles. Just think what it
could do to your home, especially your roof. After a hail storm, you should contact a roofing
professional to have your roof inspected. Most common damage from hail to your roof is your metal
flashings. After time, this can cause problems with your roofs membrane and cause some pretty
significant water leaks.

Strong winds can cause damage to your roof. Not necessarily a tornado but strong significant wind gusts
can blow shingles off the roof, leaving your roof deck open to the elements. When this happens it is
allowing water to intrude your roof, and will potentially lead to many other issues that can be quite
expensive. Mold, roof rot, damage to insulation and last but not least, leaks just to name a few
problems that can be quite expensive.

When you hire a roof professional to inspect your roof, you are hiring a trained eye to look for problems
or potential problems that an untrained person will not know what to look for. Smaller issues can lead
to much larger issues, and this is what a trained professional knows what to look for.

Not to mention, hiring a roof professional can help with insurance claims. Insurance companies require
photos, and a pretty in depth description and proof of the damage. Your roofing professional can help
proved the information and the guidance into filing insurance claims.

Hiring a roofing professional after a storm for an inspection, or just a yearly checkup will help save
money over time