When she and the kids
Were finished their S’mores
She sent them away
To complete their chores

As for her, the job that she had to do
Was to find roof repair contractors
And she couldn’t decide who

As she paced the floor
She had a sudden thought
She recalled the flyer or brochure
She had recently got

So she looked in the cabinets
Then she checked out the shelf
She was almost totally beside herself

When she found her flyer, on the refrigerator door
“Come quickly,” she told them, and not very much more

She discussed the problems with her shingles up top
“They are rotting and falling, and simply won’t stop”

The team came along, happy to put her worries to rest
All they ever brought to a customer was their best

They did shingle underlayment
Which reminded her of ‘Smores
For it was a sheet material between two parts of the roof
It was between the roof deck and roof covering
It was almost damage proof

With a tilt of their hats
And a twirl of their pens
They told her these words
“You won’t need us again.”

With the quickest of exits
They left the grand home
Then they had some cuisine with edible foam