Northwoods Single 9″ Staggered Rough-Split Cedar Siding

The Authentic Look of Milled Cedar Shingles

Ruggedly beautiful, Northwoods  recreates the natural textures and variable patterns of cedar shakes and shingles.

Northwoods can be combined with other CertainTeed siding styles, textures and shapes – and ideal option for creating accent areas or highlighting special architectural features. Northwoods…Beauty without the work.

Single 9″ Staggered Rough-Split Shakes Offer:

  • TrueTexture™ finish molded from real cedar shingles
  • Random shingle patterns provide the look of hand-split cedar
  • Deep tapered shingle gaps for a beautiful, distinctive look
  • Wide selection of colors, include dramatic darker hues
  • Coordinating trim options
  • 10′ panel length
  • .050″ thick, sturdy vinyl
  • Virtually maintenance free cedar siding, never needs painting
  • Class 1(A) fire rating
  • Lifetime limited warranty

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“What is lovely never dies, But passes into other loveliness.”