Cedar Impressions Double 7″ Straight Edge Perfection Siding

Timeless Style

Whether the view is of a rolling ocean, restful lake, or main street, the finest homes have traditionally been sided with cedar shingles.

It is a time-honored style that offers textured beauty as well as outstanding durability. Cedar Impressions Double 7″ Straight Edge Perfection Shingles offer aesthetic and performance qualities in siding that is second to none.

Ideal for any style home, Double 7″ Perfection Shingles straight edge design creates a beautiful, classic appearance found on the most distinctive homes. In addition to the exceptional looks, they resist the damaging effects of the weather, and yet require no heavy maintenance.

Double 7″ Straight Edge Perfection Shingles Offer:

  • Patented PanelThermometer for precise installation
  • TrueTexture finish
  • Designed and tested to withstand hurricane force winds
  • Made of injection molded, durable polymer
  • 3/4″ Panel Projection
  • .100″ Thick
  • Molded Perimeter Lock™ helps create a virtually seamless appearance
  • Virtually maintenance free siding, never needs painting
  • Lifetime limited warranty

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“Real beauty knocks you a little bit off kilter.”