There are many aspects of a roofing business that need to be taken care of. Scheduling, billing and marketing are only a few of the areas that you need to handle, and if you are not particularly fond of some of them you can easily become stressed and discouraged. Before becoming overwhelmed you can consider investing in a roofing software which can greatly increase your efficiencies and greatly reduce your cost, stress and confusion.

There are many advantages that come with the utilization of a roofing software. Some of them include: reducing your costs, allowing you to make more money by optimizing your business and maximizing your revenues, building a satisfying, happy and encouraging work environment, reducing stress and giving you control and freedom at the same time.

Service Autopilot is an example of a roofing software that will allow you to accomplish all the benefits mentioned above. It is a roofing service software designed exclusively for roofing companies that offer services to both residential and commercial constructions.  Some of the features that make the product unique include:

  • Scheduling and task management option, which helps you handle work orders, agendas, company calendars, and routing
  • Client and lead management feature offering full customer relationship management, document storage and contracts
  • Estimates and quotes feature with an advanced engine allowing the customization of customer quotes
  • Time tracking feature which allows you to easily follow on site company time
  • Mobile version letting you perform a variety of tasks from the field including accessing clients’ information, schedules, receiving payments, etc.

The key to making your business more efficient is to be able to have a system that automates as many of your processes as possible. This will also allow for less mistakes and greater accuracy. In order for your company to operate at its utmost, you want to make sure that there is no redundancy and all of your data is stored and used in an efficient way.

The customizability of a particular software is of great importance because it allows you to design it according to your needs and make it function the way you prefer. For example, Service Autopilot is 100% customizable and you can have specific design for roofing maintenance estimates, while having a completely different design for your roofing installation quotes.

In addition, Service Autopilot also has a number of built in marketing functionalities as well as a customizable quoting system allowing you to estimate rather complex quotes only based on provided sq. ft. and production rates. The great added benefit to this feature is that you can turn an estimated quote into an invoice with the click of a button.

When all of the work is done, Service Autopilot will help you handle the billing and receiving of payments as well as keeping up with outstanding client balances.

The benefits mentioned above are definitely worth the investment in a roofing software and if you are serious about optimizing and making your business more efficient, you should consider choosing an appropriate software that will help you reach your specific goals.