Even though you couldn’t tell it by looking outside lately, the season will soon be upon us. That means it is time to evaluate your current crews and also time to see if there are any other on your radar that you can pick up. The first point is going to be your primary concern, are the guys that you have worth keeping? Do you have enough work to keep them fed or are they going to be searching for work elsewhere? It is important that you are the sole provider for your crews, as it allows you a certain level of quality control. If they are out there working for different companies, they will be used to people with different expectations and can carry over a lot of bad habits. You have to take care of your crews and groom them, and part of this process means you have to constantly have your finger on the pulse to make sure that they are committed and happy. The quickest way to lose all the success that you have worked so hard for is to hire a bad crew. They will end up costing you a lot of money in the end and destroy all the good will you have built up.

Now, lets assume you have either assumed you need to upgrade or are growing so fast that it is time to hire another crew. If you are well connected in the industry then it is easy enough to find one. In fact, they are already probably knocking on your door asking for work. Always do yourself a favor and closely inspect the past jobs they have completed to make sure that they know what they are doing. If they pass that  test and seem to know what they are talking about, have the foreman city down and complete the manufacturer certification tests. Many of them will not like jumping through this hoop, and that is ok. This helps to weed out the less motivated individuals and ensures that everyone working for you is well aware of your installation expectations. Check and double check their personal insurance policies as often times they may not be exactly what they seem to be. This means that you actually have to call the agency and verify EVERYTHING. 

The last recommendation that we have today is to get started early. The Michigan roofing season is going to start popping early this year as there are still many homes in the Highland area that need to get their hail storm damage taken care of for insurance. This means that there is going to be a shortage of laborers, once again. This also means that any trade capable of picking up a hammer is going to call himself a roofer. Again, beware and make sure you know who you’re hiring before sending them up on your customers roof. These people are representing your company and a customer does not care to hear how sorry you are that you made  mistake, hired an idiot, and now there house is ruined.



Michigan Roofing Contractor