Roofing Loans for bad credit

The economy is booming again and that means it is time to start shopping for a new roof. Finding roofing loans for bad credit has not always been easy. Many roofing contractors simply do not want to go the extra length to help unfortunate homeowners out. Unfortunately, a large portion of customers, especially so in Michigan, have faced financial hardship causing them to go bad on their commitments and loans. This means that they have less then perfect credit scores. There has been no better time for the individuals to start looking for a roofing loan. The banks have opened up as lot as of recently and they are approving people as low as 400 scores. These approvals can not be held open forever so it is important that you start to shop around immediately. There are a few recommendations that we want you to abide by when trying to find roofing loans for bad credit:

  1. Make sure it is a simple interest loan
  2. Find one with no prepayment penalty so that you can pay it off early
  3. Make sure it is a fixed rate, don’t worry as much about the percentage because many times they are teasers that will go up in time
  4. Only sign for an unsecured loan, no liens on your property!
  5. Find out if your approval is good with any other contractors or companies so that you can shop around if so desired
  6. Having a down payment will sometimes help the credit decision
  7. Use a cosigner if they live in the same home and are going to help the situation
  8. Make sure to use all of the income that you get, even if it is not provable it may help
  9. This may be your on chance to knock out some projects, so see how much they will lend you and then decided what you want to get done


You can always apply directly through our website and we will find you the best roof financing available.