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Roofing Goals And How Long Term Planning is Key!

by | Nov 7, 2018

Roofing Goals

Roofing Goals:

In today’s post our team of experts here at American Standard Roofing talk about our roofing goals and how long term planning can help us achieve our desired results. Roofing goals are important to be established if you are a small business owner looking to do big things and we have done just that.

Big Picture:

Big Picture

Our mantra is if you don’t see the big picture, then you tend to lose focus of what really matters. Therefore, it is important to find a perfect balance. From a roofer’s perspective some things are important to note for roofing goals. Business has evolved and many industry leaders have now decided to completely throw out the idea of the five year plan. Why? Because the landscaping is changing so fast. The thought is that anything beyond a one year projection is just a hypothetical fantasy. Even in the home improvement industry, we are seeing things progress quicker and quicker.

Internet is our Friend:


There are some new up and coming and older companies on the internet these days. For a small roofing business to succeed integrating with these is a great idea. Additionally, there are countless other startup companies that are attempting to infiltrate this murky landscape. Some succeed and some burn out quickly. It is up to the small businesses to know who to invest with and make sure that they have short-term goals ready for long-term success.

Small Business Owner Advice:

Good Advice

So then, as a small business owner, where do you focus your time and efforts? Constructive short term goals is the answer. Question yourself this: is there any way that you can position yourself to be in a favorable position when something like this happens? The decision might be a gamble but it will be smart decision nonetheless. Finally, we think it is better to at least try something in the interim, and if at all possible to accomplish goals that will serve a short term purpose as well.

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