Roofing Deals Michigan

We always enjoy seeing the manufacturers and our competition at the trade shows touting the newest, latest, and greatest products. Unfortunately, we do not possess a crystal ball and couldn’t honestly tell you what new gimmick is going to catch on this coming year. Some people are leaning towards new products with “lifetime” algae mold resistance, upon further investigation it is a limited warrant offered on this shingle to say the least. Lots of companies are taking a good look at the new metal roofing options available, but when you put a pencil to it there seems slim to no chance the average customer is going to pay the extra cost. When you break it down, a quality architectural asphalt shingle is still the way to go for 90%+ of homeowners. We believe in sticking to the facts when it comes to the products we use. We truly appreciate all the marketing and advertising assistance that is offered by some of these companies but salesmanship is a thing of the past. Customers in today’s day and age want to be prevented with factual information in a logical fashion, and then most importantly want to hire a company that can follow through with the contractual obligations.

We have determined that the roofing deals available are not going to be revolving around any specific products this coming year, so we are left with other associated labor costs. The real challenge is to find the company that is able to keep their overall operating expenses down while installing at enough volume to demand the needed discounts from suppliers. For us, it is always an easy tell when you see a roofing company plastered all over the television or radio. Those ads are not cheap, and the only way they are going to pay for them is by charging the customers more then a typical contractor. Everyone wants to make sure that they are getting a good deal, but when you see anything offered at 50% off it should cause some concern. Either it is a blatant lie and they are just trying to get their foot in the door for the hard sell or the quality is questionable to say the least. I really enjoy some good sushi once in a blue moon but hearing that it is on sale for half price at the local gas station really doesn’t sound to appealing. 

Securing the lowest price possible on a roofing bid is only necessary if you are trying to convince another company to match it. If a bid comes in substantially less then everyone one else, there is going to be a good reason for it. You may think they are your friend, or even family member, so therefore are giving you a great discount. God forbid, if that roof starts to leak after the install, are you really that confident this “friend” will get back out there in a timely fashion to fix the problem? When most people are honest with themselves, the answer is generally a no. It is much better to keep friendship and family separate from business, and hiring a roofing contractor is strictly a business decision.