Roofing Companies in michigan

The season is officially upon us and it seems this year is going to be another record breaker. Every Spring we see a whole slew of new roofers popping up in Michigan, but this time it seems to be in excess. It may be because of all the hail storms last year but that is only speculation. There are a lot of guys that made some good money working for the insurance companies and then decided to go ahead and open their own residential roofing company. As in any business venture, only a small number of these companies will succeed and most will crash and burn within a years time.

There is nothing worse then paying a bunch of money for a  product only to have it fail on you. Whether it is a roof, bathroom, car, or entire house, being sold a bill of goods is so common that it is reported over 90% of American consumers will feel like they have been ripped off at least once in their lives. That is not to say that there is even something nefarious about the people and companies taking advantage of people, in fact many times they have the best of intentions. But business is a difficult thing,and  to run a truly excellent one is statistically very improbable. In many markets, a big box conglomerate company ends up dominating the industry, either putting the smaller companies out of business or buying them out. This has yet to happen in the local market but many wonder how long it will be before roofing companies in Michigan start to feel the squeeze.  

The Darwinian nature of the market provides a necessary “pruning” process that eliminates the weaker competition. Some times this is to the customers advantage, and other not so much. As this is not a pressing issue yet, it is more important that our local customers stay alert and due their research before hiring any of these new faces. Roofing companies Michigan: Lots of new faces, can offer you all the advice in the world on how to tell whether a company is great or horrible. But the bottom line is if they are unknown it is a gamble, and you are gambling with a lot of money and the home that you live in. It depends on your overall risk tolerance, but the majority of people hat we meet just don’t think it is worth the risk.