Roofer: A Common Definition

Roofer = a person who makes or repairs roofs. If only it was as simple as that definition, but unfortunately hiring a roofer is a lot more complex then that. Breaking it down to the ridiculous, what you are looking to do is hire a reputable contractor that is going to install the roofing material properly, quickly, safely and for an affordable price. To successfully accomplish this feat takes a little more work then most people are prepared for and this all starts with the initial estimate collection.

Lets get this party started

For whatever reason, you have decided it is time to get a new roof put on your house. Maybe it is because there are shingles flying off into the neighbors yard, or there is a waterfall leaking into the family dining room. Maybe you just noticed that the neighbors were getting it done and want to make sure that your house looks as good, if not better, then theirs! Time to do some due diligence and find a contractor that you want to hire. How to go about the hiring process is a completely different topic that will be brought up in a future article. For now we will just give you a few recommendations related to the actual roofing work getting completed. Focus first on how long they have been in business. Not to say that a new roofing company is going to 100% suck, but it is important to know that they will be there for you if you have any problems. Secondly, are they fully licensed and insured. The last thing you need is someone to fall off your roof ans sue you for everything that you have. Carefully check the materials that they are using, including the shingle, underlayment, iceguard, drip edge and even ventilation. A little research here will save you from getting an inferior quality product installed on your house. Lastly, trust your guy. Ask yourself: how was the presentation? Did the feel honest and knowledgeable? Do all the things they said match up to what I have learned about roofing and their company online?

These simple tips alone will help to ensure that you have a above average roofing experience. Again, always do your research and check the BBB, Angieslist, and any other review sites that you can to check up on the roofing contractor before you decide to hire them. 

Roofing Review Hiring Michigan“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”