Roof Rot

Causes & Ways to Prevent Roof Rot:

In today’s post, our experts discuss roof rot in detail. They discuss it’s causes and some ways to prevent it. We all know that it is unhealthy, unsightly, costly and most importantly damages the structural integrity of your home. As a homeowner, you want to avoid it at all costs!


Self Inspection

There are a various conditions that can cause roof rot, here are the top 3 culprits:

1. Poor ventilation in the attic and roof
2. High humidity from the temperature in the attic
3. Excessive moisture created from the high humidity

Always Keep an Eye Out:


Roof rot, if left untreated, will begin breaking down roofing materials, compromising the structural integrity of your home. When even a small portion is damaged, water leaks may begin to show up in your home, and this is a call for immediate attention as the roof
(worst case scenario) can collapse!



Following are some ways of preventing roof rot, as explained by our team:

1. Install an effective roof ventilation system, make sure your home is breathing. Proper ventilation is key to preventing roof rot!
2. Consistently remove all roof debris immediately. Debris can block proper water flow, and create pools of water under the shingles – this backup will lead to roof rot.
3. Regulate your attic temperature, so that it remains moderate all year round. Humidity should be between 40 to 60 percent, a higher moisture can lead to rot.
4. Repair any damage, cracked or loose roofing shingles, immediately. Also check all your sealants, around the chimney, vents, and other roof fixtures.
5. Get a free roof inspection once a year! This is a preventative action that will save you lots of time, lots of stress and lots of money!

We’re Here For All Your Roofing Needs!


If you notice any roof rot or have been wondering about the health of your roof, pick up the phone and call us today. This is your home, and roof rot can be a serious matter. It’s not worth taking the risk, we are happy to come take a look. At American Standard Roofing, We Got You Covered!