Roof Replacement vs Repairs

Roof Replacement vs Repairs:

This spring, the roof replacement vs repairs debate is heating up again. We see multiple homeowners and commercial business owners contemplating one or the other. Our panel of experts here at American Standard Roofing took time out to once again discuss roof replacement vs repairs debate. We will try to give our readers a fair idea of pros and cons and help them decide what route to go for.

Costs: Huge Factor

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Our team explains that costs are a huge factor when it comes to roof replacement vs repairs debate. The fact of the matter is roofs are very expensive t​o replace. We have to keep in mind the materials, labor, and specialized equipment needed for such a home improvement project. In some cases, it can be tough to justify costs associated with roof replacement even when the roof is in really bad shape. In the end, it is all about how much money you are wiling to spend.



This option is usually the go-to options for most homeowners. With the earliest signs of any leaks, the first option is to simply repair the leak. In our expert opinion, while it may not be ideal, sometimes money constraints and other factors leave homeowners with no other options. As with all options, repairs have both pros and cons. The pros obviously being less money involved. Homeowners spend less and stop the damage short-term. The cons being that most of the time this move turns out to be temporary. Repairs and restorations may buy some time but ultimately will require attention.


Complete Roof Replacement

Highly recommended by American Standard Roofing, replacement is when you tear out the old shingles and replace the roof with fresh shingles. This too has pros and cons. The biggest pro being that a new roof lasts for almost 30 years. In some cases it lasts even longer. The biggest con off course being that it costs way more than a simple repair. We recommend roof replacement over repairs most of the time become a repair eventually turns into a bigger issue. A replacement gives you the peace of mind that homeowners will not have to worry every few weeks or months about the same leaky roof.

Never Ignore The Issue:

Ignore Issue

Whatever you do, our sincere advice is never ignore roof replacement vs repairs issue. A small issue can turn into a big one in to time. That can turn very expensive. Our advice is call good, reputable professional contractors. They have the experience and skills necessary to take care of your roof and give you an idea of what is going on. What you do not want is leaving the roof problem unaddressed leading to more expenses down the road.

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