Roof Repair or Replace? Some Important Pointers for Homeowners

by | May 14, 2018

Roof Repair of Replace

Roof repair or replace is an important question that is usually on homeowners minds. We have a fair share of customers who ask why their roof just cant be repaired. And that they are not “ready” to replace the roof. Keeping in mind the issue, our team here at American Standard Roofing has come up with a few pointers for homeowners.

Roof Repair or Replace: Can’t It just be repaired?

The long and short of it? Yes. Almost anything can be repaired. The real question however that needs to be asked is whether the roof is actually worth repairing. Our team here at American Standard Roofing advises that sometimes repairing might not be the right way to go. If a contractors agrees to repair, homeowners must know the entire picture. Repairs have their own pros and cons. We also covered that in our previous posts.

Repairs Are Generally Not Guaranteed:

A repair typically is not guaranteed. You could have the world’s best roofer come out and patch an area. Even he will not be able to guarantee that it won’t start leaking somewhere else the next day. This is especially true if you have an older roof. It is also true for a roof that was installed improperly in the beginning. A roofing system has multiple layers. It is almost impossible to tell roof condition without lifting shingles from the top of the roof. This is because it becomes extremely hard to look at a roof and see all the places that might need a future repair.

It Can get Expensive Quickly:

Repairs costs can add up quickly. The only exception perhaps is if your roof has a substantial amount of life left. Imagine paying a roofer to keep doing repairs over and over. Our team here advises that a repair usually costs between $500 and $1500. A new roof starts around $4000 depending on the size. So what does that mean? It means that after three or four repairs, you could have bought a new roof with a 30 year warranty. That and not have to worry about paying for future repairs as well.

Things Are Not What They Seem!

First thought that pops in homeowners minds when they are told a roof replacement is costs. We have sen several customers in the beginning worrying about roof repair or replace issue simply thinking they will be ripped off because contractors will make more money. That is a not true most of the time. Important thing to note is that profit margins on repairs are generally much higher than that of whole roof replacements. That means a contractor will make more money on those three or four repairs than they would by selling you a whole new roof up front. In addition, doing repairs gives them a chances to sell you a new roof down the road whenever you are ready. This is an important point to consider when considering roof repair or replace.

When it Makes Sense to Repair:

Common Sense

Keeping in mind the above factors we explained, there are times where it makes financial sense to repair a roof instead of replace it. The two most common factors are as follows.

Size of the Roof:

If you have a very large roof, you may be able to do entry repairs before you reach the price of replacing the whole roof. In that instance, it might make sense to repair the roof a couple of times before replacing it. However, if you have a smaller roof, you should probably look into replacing the whole thing. Even if you don’t have the cash at the moment, many companies offer low interest financing. Some of them even have 0% specials if you pay the project off within a certain amount of time. We also provide great financing. Have a look here.

Age of the Roof:

Contrary to popular belief, newer roofs can leak too. Sometimes flashing comes loose and allows water to penetrate. Other times wind might blow shingles up, or animals may break in and create leaks. Whatever the reason, if you have a newer roof, you should definitely consider a repair. On the other hand, if your roof is older, it’s time to call professional roofers. Maintaining fiscal balance is key. Our advice is always weigh the pros and cons.

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